Enjoy resort life,
relaxing in Ishigaki island with the abundant tropical nature.

The Coral Island Ishigaki island is located in the center of Yaeyama Islands at latitude 24 degrees north and has a tropical climate at the average temperature of 23 degrees, which enables people to swim throughout the year.
The hotel Royal Marine Palece Ishigaki Island is located in the rich natural environment adjacent to the sea of Ishigaki and the park. The whole building is filled with the light of the tropical islands, which makes the comfortable space.
The guest rooms are all equipped with the kitchen so that the guests can spend your time relaxing in a spacious room. The room overlooks the clear emerald blue ocean below your eyes if you open the window.
Please enjoy resort life in Ishigaki Island in a clean, secure and bright comfortable room.

Accommodations The Access Long-stay Plan

Luxurious relaxing space for resort

Standard Twin

Standard twin is the room that has the kitchen equipped with the microwave oven and "you can stay as if you lived a life in Ishigaki Island in fact."
The room is clean and the white tone-based design and provides the view of beautiful nature of Ishigaki Island with you. We promise you a relaxing stay for resort.
※The Standard Twin rooms are all under the 6th floor. You can't see Taketomi Island from this type of rooms and balconies.

The total area of the guest rooms 59.31㎡
(The occupying area 51.02㎡/ The area of the balconies 7.29 ㎡)

Deluxe Fourth

Relaxing, comfortable and spacious room space.
The room to be 2LDK with the balcony and living sets, which "make you feel as if you lived a life in ishigaki Island" is the most suitable for the family and group use. We promise you the comfortable stay in a space where you can spend the time seeing the beautiful nature of Ishigaki Island.

The total area of guest rooms 86.99㎡
(The occupying area 79.70㎡/ The area of the balconies 7.29㎡)

Ocean view Maisonette

Would you like to have a lively resort stay with close friends in spacious and enjoyable space?
The room is the duplex style room. It has the living room and the bedroom with the vaulted ceiling in the lower floor, which makes you feel the sense of openness, and the kitchen dining equipped with the microwave oven. In addition, the room has one more bedroom in the upper floor. You can spend a luxurious time seeing the blue ocean view outside the window.

The total area of the guest rooms 127.16㎡
(The occupying area 119.87㎡/ The area of the balconies 7.29㎡)

Excellent Suite

You can spend the luxurious time in the most spacious and fascinating suite. We create the high quality resort stay, providing you with the beautiful sunset view sinking under the blue ocean and the horizon. Please have a luxurious time with your family and your friends.

The total area of the guest rooms 150.57㎡
(The occupying area 135.99㎡/ The area of the balconies 14.58㎡)

Please enjoy "having the meal" and "playing" vital for resort life.

The restaurant Maritime

We prepare the breakfast for the guests staying with us in the Hotel Royal Marine Palece.
Our authentic restaurant supports your enjoying "the meal" vital for the resort life.


The restaurant opens
※The breakfast only is served.

The souvenir shop

The shop "Kamekameya" at the back of the front desk in the 1st floor carries the souvenir of Okinawa, drinks, snacks, healthy foods.
How about purchasing the souvenir of Ishigaki together with the pleasant memory of the trip? Please feel free to drop by.


Shop opens
pm 18:00~22:00




一応梅雨入りした沖縄県ですが、八重山は毎日天気が良いでです。こちらの梅雨は本土と違い、ぱっと雨が降って、またぱっと晴れるので、あまりジメジメ感がありません。 何よりも、ゴールデンウィーク後でとても静か...




皆様こんにちは! 久しぶりの更新となりましたが 本日石垣島はトライアスロンが開催されておりました! ちょっと見に行ってみましたが、すごい迫力と活気に溢れており、 皆様この日の為に練習や体力づくりを行っ...




皆様こんにちは! 本日はドローンレースについてお知らせです! 3月4日予定で開催される予定です。 場所はホテル隣接の舟蔵公園で行われます! 舟蔵公園は良く催し物が開催されますね。 今回はドローンレース...


〒907-0024 沖縄県石垣市新川2459-1

■アクセス 新石垣空港より車で約30分/離島ターミナルより車で10分

■チェックイン/アウト  IN15:00(最終22:00) /OUT11:00


石垣島の全室オーシャンビューのホテル-ホテルロイヤルマリンパレス石垣島モバイルサイト 石垣島の全室オーシャンビューのホテル-ホテルロイヤルマリンパレス石垣島の地図へ


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